The Bright Labyrinth Transmissions

Ken Hollings Julia Mahrer

January 21st, 2019 4:41 min read 1289 words

The aim behind The Bright Labyrinth is to explore the unseen influences acting upon communication practice. Through a wide-ranging series of lectures, discussions and guest interrogators stretched across the Autumn and Spring terms, we attempt to determine, however fleetingly, what our relationship to these forces might be. Leading each transmission is writer and broadcaster Ken Hollings, who offers numerous highly detailed starting points for inquiry and intervention. The future throws long shadows back onto the past, he argues, and it is by this trick of the light that we are able to determine our current location. Subjects in the Bright Labyrinth transmission series so far have included ghosts, typewriters, guns, spambots, Marshall McLuhan, Godzilla, drones, mechanical dolls, astronomy and ballet.

Examining the relationship between communication practice and media theory, The Bright Labyrinth leads us into archeology, architecture, mythology, the philosophy of communication and interaction, performance, cinema and the politics of culture and technology. Co-presented by Ken Hollings and Julia Mahrer, these podcasts are intended to offer an overview of the series as it currently exists. Any and all opinions expressed are entirely coincidental.

Transmission 01 – Nietzsche’s Typewriter
devices, ethics, typographic culture, mechanical literacy, communication as weapons system, sensory dislocation, emojis and control

Transmission 02 – The Internet Wants You Dead
ethics, code, cybernetics, command and control, the RAND Corporation, Esalen, drones, UAVs and predators

Transmission 03 – Who Needs the Future?
ethics, agency, futuristic modernity, The Medium is the Massage, the technological domain, social engineering and science fiction

Transmission 04 – ‘There Must Be Something Wrong With This Sally.’
bodies, devices, sound art, the phonograph, physiology of audio space and kinematics of sound

Transmission 05 – EVP Spambot Poetics
code, bodies, artificial intelligence, EVP, recorded sound, media archaeology, bots, networks and ghosts

Transmission 06 – Darkness Is Good
post-truth, agency, social media, cyber warfare, identity theft, ‘fake news’, political process, reality TV, intervention and subversion

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