Talk Shop Part 4 | Kristina – Making Covid Work

Kristina Kapeljuh Nayonika Ghosh Ines Iragui Clarisse Hassan

March 5th, 2021

Hi there! This is TalkShop again, with our concluding part of the documentation of the discussion with Nicky and Shima. In this piece, Kristina, graduating Illustration student, will go through the continuing impact of the pandemic.

Kristina – Making Covid Work

Both Nicky and Shima admitted that the creative industries, even post-Covid, will not be the same. All of us have been influenced by the pandemic on both a personal and professional level. These impacts continue to shift and adapt, and Nicki and Shima have highlighted some of these emerging circumstances.

To start with, the job losses are undeniable. This is an unfortunate consequence for those who have been working within a hostile industry. It has become a challenge to find new ways of producing content. This can undoubtedly influence the confidence of graduates entering the industry, but instead of the established roles and the jobs that are declining, new opportunities are emerging. This is why both of our guests are very optimistic about this coming summer.

A positive consequence of the pandemic is the growing interest in the creative industry and demand for remote working. This pattern, in turn, allows a creative employee to be anywhere in the world while working on a global scale. Employers are more open to hiring now that we have more of a timeline to a managed pandemic situation. Not to mention that online communication has become more open since there is no possibility of face-to-face meetings. This is why we should be more discerning in matching our interests with existing contexts. Rather than sending many applications, it is more useful to find those that create ‘great fit’ applications. This empathy, intuition, and unique match with our craft is what makes a successful project.

On a positive note, we want to highlight the importance of our wellbeing, research, and time management. Our guests advise us to keep an eye on rising companies and trends within multiple industries, such as FinTech companies and entertainment – from Netflix, and Disney to Design Week, and staying tuned into platforms such as It’s Nice That and LinkedIn. Additionally, we should keep in mind not only what is happening now but also think forward and speculate on what is coming next.

We always face the questions of what makes us unique and what we can bring to the table, as well as what we want to be remembered for. Everything, including the research, can reflect our passions and interests. Having a rapport with people we admire creates awareness of the competition, and how, and by whom the work is done. In turn, curiosity and aspiration can help us to reach out to people who can offer us something, and whom we can offer something back. This is why it is important to take time and look around to find appropriate contexts for our work that can create organic and fruitful collaborations.

We might never know what someone is facing. Be empathetic. Don’t lose faith, and keep going!

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