InSITE #3 – Anna Hart

10:30 – 12:00 3rd February 2021 Public Online

As SITE students, we decided to organize a collaborative event in order to highlight the spatial and methodological aspects of site specificity as a feature in one’s creative practice. Through this event we aim to present a self curated version of our individual works in progress and introduce site centered methodologies we have been experimenting with. The overall concept and form of this event will be structured as a journey, highlighting the idea of moving to multiple diverse destinations.

Providing a timetable of different workshops/events in the form of a travel guide(in the form of a padlet we are currently constructing) -with keywords/themes referring to each session and summaries on the content- we aim to create a field where the audience can navigate and move from one site to another.

Each workshop/ event will focus on one or more students’ project topics, as well as methodologies and tools they have implemented to approach them.

For this event, we have invited three artists that will be opening each day by presenting their work. Following each lecture, different students will be either leading short workshops or introducing the audience to their practice. Each day will have another thematic deriving from the guest-artist’s work and will be focusing on different approaches to site-specific practice. The creative outcomes of each session included in this event will be archived and potentially published.

Below you can find short descriptions of each guest-artist’s practice.

Day 3: Anna Hart

Anna is the founder of AiR, which focuses on spatial projects, emphasizing on public participation and social engagement. AiR makes art in the everyday – bringing landscapes, people, and ideas into productive collision – prompting surprising encounters, conversations, and actions in a local. A group of spatial practitioners – artists, architects, dancers, musicians, writers – valuing embodied experience and prioritising movement.

Since 2007 they have worked with local authorities, education, housing and community organisations to realise over four hundred public artworks alongside walks, exhibitions, festivals, talks, screenings, symposiums, academic and life-long learning projects, digital and print publications.

Students participating in this event: Konstantina Benaki-Chatzispasou, Yan Li, Yimin Qiao, Wing Shan Wong(Pat)(host).

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